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Flowers/Holy Communion

In our worship on Sunday, December 26 Pastor Karen recognized and thanked Sandra Pick for her eight years of service as our seasonal flower coordinator and our Communion steward.  Sandy made a decision to finish out 2021 and then retire from this ministry. She’s been so good to work with, and Karen is sure the rest of you appreciate her work as much as she does.

So who will take up the mantle?    This position can be done by one person, or it can be shared between two or more people.   One person could take over Holy Communion preparation/clean-up, another could be in charge of seasonal flowers/decorations; or the flowers themselves could even be shared – with someone overseeing Christmas and someone else Easter, and so forth.  This congregation is filled with talented, creative, giving people, so there’s bound to be someone or several someones who will respond!

Please contact the church office before too much of January goes by, so you can get on board as soon as possible. Sandy has agreed to help “train” her successor/s!   Make sure you say thank you to her the next time you see her!


Worship Flowers 2022

Sign up  for worship flowers in 2022!

Don’t forget to sign up for Worship Flowers.  You can  dedicate the flowers to commemorate a special occasion such as birthday or anniversary, or to honor a loved one who has passed. 

One smaller arrangement is $20, a larger is $30 or you can purchase your own.  Flowers enhance our worship atmosphere in a special way.  Sign up on the bulletin board by the library, or call Virginia in the church office.